Bristaview Sofaset


6,640.00 SAR

3,999.00 SAR
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Indulge in ultimate luxury with the Bristaview Sofa Set. Featuring a stylish design and premium materials, this set is perfect for creating a sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere in any living space. Enjoy the comfort and elegance of the Bristaview Sofa Set, a true statement piece for any discerning individual.

Bristaview Recliner
Item Width: 182.88cm
Item Depth: 99.06cm
Item Height: 99.06cm
Item Color :Cocoa

Bristaview Loveseat
Item Width: 157.48cm
Item Depth: 96.52cm
Item Height: 96.52cm
Item Color:Cocoa

Bristaview Sofa
Item Width: 215.90cm
Item Depth: 96.52cm
Item Height:96.52cm
Item Color:Cocoa

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Vendor Modal Number :99705-Sofaset
Vendor Colour :
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