Glaring Scent Handmade Oil Painting

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This 41.6 x 51.6 inch handmade oil painting is a captivating abstract piece with a dynamic mix of colors and textures. The canvas is dominated by a large, swirling shape in shades of gold, orange, and red, its edges blending seamlessly into the background. This central form seems to radiate energy outwards, with bold strokes of blue, black, and white adding to the sense of movement and depth. The overall impression is one of vibrancy, energy, and artistic expression.


    • Size: 41.6 x 51.6 inches
    • Medium: Oil paint
    • Support: Canvas
    • Frame: PS frame
    • Colors: Multicolor (predominantly gold, orange, red, blue, black, and white)
    • Style: Abstract expressionism

اللوحات والصور #لوحة #لوح#

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