Malak Beach Handmade Painting

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This abstract artwork, titled "Tranquil Seascape", features a captivating blend of blues, greens, and white, reminiscent of a calm ocean scene. The canvas is dominated by swirling brushstrokes in various shades of turquoise and aqua, creating a sense of movement and depth. Hints of white and light blue evoke foamy waves lapping at the shore, while darker teal tones suggest deeper waters. The textured canvas adds dimension and visual interest, and the overall impression is one of serenity, tranquility, and the timeless beauty of the ocean.


    • Title: Tranquil Seascape
    • Size: 30 x 40 inches
    • Medium: 100% hand-painted canvas
    • Support: Wood frame with stretched canvas
    • Frame: PS frame
    • Colors: Multicolor (predominantly turquoise, aqua, teal, with accents of white and blue)
    • Style: Abstract expressionism with seascape influences

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