Maysam Hand Painted Canvas

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This captivating 79 x 59 inch hand-painted canvas wall art features a vibrant cityscape scene. The bustling streets are alive with activity, with cars, pedestrians, and bicycles weaving through the towering skyscrapers. The buildings themselves are a kaleidoscope of colors, with warm hues of orange, red, and yellow blending with cooler tones of blue, green, and purple. The overall impression is one of urban energy and dynamism, captured in a bold and expressive style.


    • Size: 79 x 59 inches
    • Medium: 50% hand-painted canvas, 50% printed
    • Support: Wood frame with stretched canvas
    • Colors: Multicolor (predominantly orange, red, yellow, blue, green, purple)
    • Style: Urban landscape, expressionism

اللوحات والصور #لوحة #لوح#

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